Smart Premium SUV Coupe
Smart Premium SUV Coupe
A brand new agile posture,with a captivating charm.


A brand new agile posture,
with a captivating charm.

Express Yourself in Color

9 exterior colors inspired by the different skies worldwide, including a color exclusive to EC6, AR Lavender.

Express Yourself in ColorAR LavenderStar GrayArctic GreenSunlight GoldAirspace BlueSouthern StarStratosphere BlueDeep BlackCloud White

AR Lavender

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1.77㎡ Expansive Panoramic Glass Roof

Immerse yourself in a world of breathtaking beauty with the extra-large panoramic glass roof, revealing the mesmerizing spectacle of sunrise,
the lingering hues of sunset and the enchanting expanse of the starlit sky, all perfectly framed before your eyes.

Panoramic Glass Roof


Spacious Transparency,
Where Inspiration Unfolds.

Four Interior Earth-Inspired Themes

EC6 presents 4 interior themes inspired by natural earth tones: Onyx Black and other 3 exclusive themes, Stream Blue, Red Loam, and Stellar Violet.

Dynamic Presence, Tranquil Comfort

Indulge in the allure of the Ultra-Fit Comfort Seats, meticulously crafted with a sleek, integrated sports-inspired design. With their slender contours and commanding high shoulder wings, these seats evoke an exhilarating sense of control.

Unmatched Comfort and Convenience

The front seats boast an array of luxurious features, including 16-way power adjustment capability for the driver seat and 18-way adjustment for the passenger seat as well seat heating, ventilation, massage functions and the Air Cushion system.

Lounge Seat, Dynamic and Serene

Experience the indulgence of the second-generation Lounge Seat, with its three-zone heating encompassing the backrest, seat cushion and leg support. With up to 18-way adjustment capability, the Lounge Seat grants you the freedom to recline into a state of weightlessness.

Gather your friends,Embark on a carefree journey together.


Gather your friends,
Embark on a carefree journey together.

Embrace the Freedom of Abundance

EC6 features a generously spacious rear seating area and ample headroom. Even when carrying three passengers, there's plentiful room for everyone to relax and enjoy the journey. Gather your friends and embark on a delightful adventure.

A Magical Space to Transport it All

With the rear seats up, the trunk boasts an impressive capacity of 594L. However, when all rear seats are folded down, it expands to a cavernous maximum volume of 1,402L. The rear seats are all independently foldable to offer different loading solutions.

Extend the Possibilities

Featuring a discreet electric tow bar, EC6 can pull trailers weighing up to 1,260kg. Roof rails are subtly integrated into the roofline to provide a payload capacity of up to 75kg.

Unleash Your Unbounded Spirit, Harness Every Beat.

Unleash Your
Unbounded Spirit,
Harness Every Beat.

Introducing the revolutionary NIO EC6, empowered by an high-efficiency electric drive platform. A front 150kW induction motor, and a rear 210kW permanent magnet motor equipped with a cutting-edge silicon carbide power module, this exceptional vehicle redefines energy optimization.


CLTC est. *


0-100 km/h **


100-0 km/h **



*The estimated range value is calculated based on the comprehensive CLTC range testing standard, utilizing the 150kWh battery pack. Please refer to official announcements for precise figures. The 150kWh battery pack will offer flexible upgrade options in the future.
**Acceleration and braking performance data are based on engineering development tests and may vary depending on factors such as test conditions, weather, road conditions, battery charge, load, tire conditions, and more.

9 Drive Modes

9 Drive Modes

EC6 has 9 driving modes, including 5
basic and 4 scenario-based modes.


The ultimate focus on performance. 0-100 km/h in 4.4 seconds*

Digital Experience

Digital Cockpit

Equipped NIO's Smart System Banyan, NIO's second-generation digital cockpit delivers more AI computing power as well as faster graphic and multimedia processing than ever before.

The 12.8-inch high resolution AMOLED center display
The 12.8-inch high resolution AMOLED center display takes center stage in the cabin. The touch screen floats gracefully over the center console and is intuitively laid out to enable a wealth of features and options to be easily selected and adjusted.
Rear HDR Control Display,
Rear HDR Control Display, Technology is not confined to the front. In the rear, the 6.6-inch HDR touch display controls functions such as the rear air conditioning, position, heating, ventilation and massage of the rear seats as well as the media player.
NOMI is your digital voice assistant. Powered by the powerful in-car computing capabilities, NOMI is constantly learning and growing in its abilities.
Enhanced Head-Up Display
Enhanced Head-Up Display features a 9.3-inch image projected in the driver's eyeline to give all the key road information, which comes with 260,000 colors, smart background luminance control, and adjustable height of image.


Indulge yourself in an immersive audio and visual experience.

Ambient Lighting

The cabin of EC6 is beautifully decorated with soft lighting throughout. 256 color options and 10 color themes as well as calming breathing and rhythmic effects to add tasteful atmosphere to the journey.

Sound System

The surround sound system features 23 speakers with a power output of 1,000W, carefully placed through the cabin for a spine tingling sound experience. Dolby Atoms and Direc Pro sound algorithms elevate the dynamism of the listening experience even further.


N-Box, the enhanced brain of PanoCinema with strong computing power and video coding and decoding capabilities, supports multiple input and output for an immersive cockpit experience.

NIO Assisted and Intelligent Driving

NIO Assisted and Intelligent Driving

Making cars a safe and free mobile living space is our vision. From maps and localization to perception and algorithms, from the low-level system to the control strategy, NIO Intelligent Driving is enabled by NIO's full-stack intelligent driving capabilities. It will gradually cover expressways, urban areas, parking, and battery swapping to free up time and reduce accidents for a safer and more relaxing intelligent driving experience from point A to point B.

Navigate on Pilot Plus (Beta)

Navigate on Pilot Plus (Beta)

Navigate on Pilot Plus (Beta) NOP+ (Beta) is a driving assist feature developed by NIO based on the second-generation technology platform (NT2.0). It helps you with a series of tasks including driving on and off the ramp, merging to the optimal lane, overtaking slow cars and adjusting the speed according to the speed limit on highways and expressways, relieving the driving fatigue for a more relaxing and joyful travel experience.
* NOP+ is currently only available on vehicles in the Chinese market.