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As a member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), we are committed to sustainable development.

A Blue Sky

NIO has been staying true to its founding aspiration of "Blue Sky Coming".

Clean Parks

Clean Parks is a global ecological co-conservation plan initiated by NIO in its quest for “Blue Sky Coming”.

Climate Change

We make earnest efforts to tackle climate change.

Circular Economy

Adhering to the concept of "circular economy", we try to make the most of resources.

Social Responsibility

NIO grows and creates together with its users and employees. Since its inception, NIO has been dedicated to building a community where users share a joyful lifestyle. We care for every employee's career and strive to build an equal, diverse, and inclusive work environment.

Charitable Actions

We firmly believe that every effort will converge into an upward force and transmit warmth and energy to society.

Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion

Committed to promoting workplace diversity, inclusion, and equality, we grow together with employees through comprehensive care and communication systems.

User Activities

We gather like-minded, insightful and tasteful users to build a lifestyle community where users can share joy and grow together starting with smart EVs.

Sustainable Value Chain

The journey to a blue sky will not be viable without collaboration with partners across the value chain. NIO collaborates closely with partners and other industry players to promote innovation in green technology and optimize resource utilization for a sustainable value chain.

Responsible Supply Chain

NIO is committed to building a responsible supply chain that is sustainable, low-carbon, and resilient.

Industry-University-Research Cooperation

NIO insists on forward engineering and collaborates with universities and research institutions for shared prosperity in the industry.

ESG Governance

Efficient and sound corporate governance is essential for NIO to achieve sustainable development. We keep optimizing corporate governance structure with comprehensive risk management and ESG governance mechanism to ensure the efficient, continuous, and sustainable development of the company.