NIO Power Swap Station 4.0 Now Operational

June 13, 2024, Guangzhou, China - The first batch of NIO Power Swap Station 4.0 went live. The fourth generation supports automated battery swap for multiple brands and different vehicle models. NIO, ONVO and all battery swap strategic partners can access the new stations for a comprehensively elevated battery swapping experience that is more convenient than gas refueling.

NIO's Power Swap Station 4.0 comes standard with six ultrawide-FOV LiDARs and four Orin X chips, realizing a total computing power of 1,016TOPS. Users can start an automatic battery swap with just one tap on the center display, or even without being in the car. 22% faster than Gen-3, the new station can complete a swap in 144 seconds. With the compartment enlarged to accommodate 23 batteries, each station can provide up to 480 swaps per day. Both speed and capacity are brought to the next level. Launched together with the new battery swap station was the 640kW Liquid-Cooled Power Charger, boasting a maximum current of 765A and a voltage of 1,000V. The liquid-cooled charging cable developed by NIO is as light as 2.4kg, comparable to a laptop and friendly to one-hand operation.

The first new stations were installed in the Liwan District of Guangzhou and the Luoji Service Area on the G40 Shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway. The one in Guangzhou is the 108th station of the city. The station on the G40 Expressway is in Lu'an, Anhui Province is the first station jointly established by NIO and Zhongan Energy after signing the strategic partnership agreement on March 22. Going forward, NIO and Zhongan Energy will deploy more all-in-one stations, meaning the charging and swapping stations also capable of solar power generation and energy storage, in Anhui Province, from where the network will radiate to the Yangtze River Delta and even the entire country.

Since establishment, NIO has been making unwavering commitment to develop charging and swapping technologies and product R&D, and continuously developing the infrastructure network. As of June 13, NIO has installed 2,432 Power Swap Stations and 22,633 chargers in China, among which 804 swap stations and 1,650 super chargers are on highways. NIO is the car company with the largest battery swapping and charging network in China. Doubling down on its efforts, NIO is committed to providing users with a holistic recharging experience beyond refueling.

About NIO

NIO is a global smart electric vehicle company. Founded in 2014, NIO has been committed to shaping a joyful lifestyle by offering high-performance smart electric vehicles and ultimate experience. Nine years into establishment, NIO is one of the leading companies in the global premium smart electric vehicle market, and also the first car company listed on the NYSE, HKSE and SGX.

Aiming to foster its own research and development capabilities for core technologies, NIO has developed NIO Full Stack, a collection of 12 technology domains, including chips and smart hardware, battery system, electric drive and high-voltage system, vehicle engineering, vehicle operating system, vehicle connectivity, assisted and intelligent driving, smart cabin, smart power, smart manufacturing, artificial intelligence and global digital operations, which has made possible the industry-leading products, such as SkyRide Chassis System, NX6031 LiDAR control chip, and NX9031 5nm AD chip. As of March 31, 2024, NIO had filed and obtained more than 8,700 patents worldwide. Currently, NIO has R&D centers and manufacturing facilities in Shanghai, Hefei, Beijing, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, San Jose, Munich, Oxford, Berlin, Budapest and Singapore. Its sales and service networks also have an expansive reach in over 300 cities in China, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark.

At present, NIO has eight smart electric models in its lineup, including the flagship SUV ES8, flagship coupe SUV EC7, mid-large SUV ES7, flagship sedan ET7, all-round SUV ES6, coupe SUV EC6, mid-size sedan ET5 and mid-size tourer ET5 Touring. In December 2023, NIO's executive flagship ET9 made its global debut, and the delivery is expected to start in 2025. As of April 30, 2024, NIO delivered a total of 495,267 vehicles, leading the premium battery electric vehicle segment priced above RMB 300,000.

In addition to the state-of-the-art smart electric vehicle technologies and experience, NIO has introduced various innovative service models, featuring NIO Power, NIO Service, Battery as a Service (BaaS), flexible battery upgrade plan and NIO Certified which is NIO's pre-owned vehicle program, to offer an ultimate service experience throughout the product lifecycle. NIO is the car brand that owns and operates the most charging piles and Power Swap Stations in China. By the end of April, NIO had installed 2,454 Power Swap Stations and 22,138 chargers, and connected with over 1.5 million non-NIO chargers worldwide. Its battery swap network runs through 13 trunk expressways and 11 city clusters in China. Moreover, NIO has partnered with Changan Automobile, Geely Holding, JAC Group and Chery Automobile in battery swap to jointly promote the development of the battery swap network and industry standards.

Adopting the direct-sales model, NIO offers a series of comprehensive services seamlessly via the NIO app. Combining online and offline touch points, such as NIO House and NIO Space, as well as NIO users' exclusive radio program NIO Radio and the lifestyle brand NIO Life, NIO has created a community that starts from and goes beyond the car, where users to share joy and grow together.

Media Contact:

Emma Hai